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Spring is Springing-Transformation

Spring is springing a time for renewal
We’re coming into Springtime…hooray!
That was another long Winter and I guess living in the UK it can seem like it’s going on and on. Especially with the cold frosty mornings and short evenings together with the lack of sunlight.
Some take a Winter holiday either skiing or somewhere warm to recharge and rejuvenate and break up the long period just to feel the warmth of the Sun on their skin.
Winter is a season of death. Plants die away. Trees lose their leaves and relationships can fall apart. This can be a result of many factors: you’ve grown apart; you have nothing more to give to each other or you have fallen-out. Whatever it is, let it go. The longer you hold onto the old, the less you will invite/attract of the new.
This is why we hibernate. We reflect and clear the wheat from the chaff and release ourselves from the chains which bind us to that which no longer serves us. That which no longer brings us joy. We also take this time to heal anything which shows up to be healed. As we let go of the heaviness of Winter, peeling off another layer, we make room for the new.
And in Spring, we Spring forth with a sense of excitement. New ideas and opportunities arise, just as the daffodils and crocuses start blooming, sharing with us humans their journey of determination as they push through the cold, wet Earth. Not once do they question their journey. Not once do they worry whether they will be greeted by the Sun. Not once do retract back through fear. They know their purpose. And their purpose is to Shine. If you look closely enough you can see their smile and feel the joy they feel by simply Being.
Spring has much to teach us, all we need to do is ask observe and receive.. It’s also a time for sowing seeds and nurturing them. Just like our goals and dreams. There is no rush. Take your time, do something each day to realise your desires. It’s a time to reconnect with others, share stories over a cuppa. It’s a time for taking back our power.
We can All rekindle our passion by meditating, asking another for help or visualising our kundalini reawakening and surging up our spine. I did this recently and feel incredibly power full.
In Springtime, new life takes form. Lambs and bunnies and finding their feet as are fouls and calves too. Babies are being born bringing with them a message of newness and lightness.
We can learn so much from nature if we simply make the time to Be in nature. We are born to Mother Earth and are each abundantly supported by her. We inhabit her Kingdom and she nurtures and sustains. Give thanks to Mother Earth often and she will reward you abundantly.
We Are All One.
What seeds will you be sowing this Spring? Are you ready to Transform your Life? Are you ready to invest in your health and wellbeing?

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Kam Birdee
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