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Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence

I fully understand and appreciate the complexities of the Emotional Body within people. How we respond to others, is our own choice. How we feel, is our own choice.

Emotions/feelings are created within us, as a response to another’s reaction or action towards us; as response to something we watch or hear or see. Blaming others for your own feelings, can sometimes stop you from moving forwards in life, and at times you can stay stuck in a memory/event, trapped by an emotional response.
By being aware of our own emotional response, triggers and reactions, we can gain great freedom from the world around us, which enables us to create peace within. We can become empowered to know how to better communicate with others and take responsibility for our own emotional well being.
Some triggers lie deep within and I use a variety of tools to help you release yourself from any non-positive/non-loving feelings towards yourself.
I help you free yourself from past hurts and conscious or unconscious sabotage programmes and beliefs which can sometimes hold you back from happiness, love and joy.
We work in a non-judgemental, confidential way which suits you, respecting your story, and allowing you to become the master of your Emotional Well Being.


Isn’t this something to strive for? Can you imagine how much happier the world would be if people were happier and peaceful within?

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