Transforming Lives



Do you want more love and happiness in your life?

Do you want to be stress free?

Do you want to be happy in your body?

Do you want better relationships?

Do you want more freedom to do what you love?

Do you want more self confidence and self esteem?

Do you want to stop repeating old patterns?

Are you ready to make positive changes with grace and ease?

If you answered yes, to any of the above, then let me help you create a life you love.


Kam Birdee acts as a bridge between social and cultural development allowing people to find peace, clarity, joy and happiness. She helps people find their own voice, their own truth, their own purpose and create a life they love.

She works in non-judgemental and compassionate way to support you along your journey. She is motivated, inspiring, empowering and empathic in her approach and works with each client in her gentle and unique way.

Kam has been and continues to be the catalyst for lasting transformational change for many people and businesses.

Whether you are seeking change in your career, love life, relationships, well being, health, or personal development, Kam will find a way to help you transform your life.

Why choose Kam?

She has over 25 years in business, supporting growth and acceleration in organisations and individuals. Her own life has taken many twists and turns with a deep desire to find her own truth and self. She stepped away from her own cultural and limiting beliefs which kept her controlled, in fear and unhappy.

Since 2005, Kam has trained in many different therapies including hypnotherapy, coaching, mentoring, shamanic energy medicine, healing, meditation and has developed her own unique style in helping people create lasting change in their lives.

Kam has a ‘can do’ attitude and experiences great joy in helping others.

Her mission in life is to help at least 1,000,000 people live a happier and joyful life they love.

Disclaimer: Her clients experience great results and joy from the work they do, however, please note, She is not a medical practitioner and you are advised the work you do, does not replace medical attention.

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