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On the Sofa with Kam

On the Sofa with Kam
The inspiration behind On the Sofa with Kam was the writing of my book: Born in England, Still an Indian.  This personal memoir does not want to be published right now, however it was a very deep and cathartic journey for me which I felt compelled and guided to write.
The teachings of the book needed to reach people globally and the clear guidance I received was to use the media as a platform to share the message.  In the book we look at the challenges and obstacles Asian women face being born females and in the West, but existing in a dual life torn between negative cultural conditioning/expectations from family and friends and a desire to embrace freedom and a more evolved way of living.
The weekly videos look at the issues women face on a deep level including shame, guilt, being a female, abuse, the mother wound and acceptance. Each week, we take one of these and discuss our own personal journey and how we can help other women strip down these unconscious programmes to live more freely and joyfully from the heart.
I do believe women are much more powerful as a tribe, so let’s build our community to support each other in a conscious, empowering and loving way.
Please do come back to me with feedback with any challenges you would like raised and how to tackle them in an empowering way.
Thank you.
Abundant love and blessings

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