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Physical Awareness


Physical Awareness

Physical Awareness is to better understand what is energetically going on within your body, in response to an imbalance/illness/dis-ease.
Many people will quickly go the pharmacy/doctors to get a diagnoses of an illness without an understanding of the physical response to the energetic emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances within their bodies. Yes, go see a medical practitioner, and no, I am not one, however, this body your soul is living in, is a vehicle for your human experience.
It has a unique intelligence of it’s own and, in my opinion, has a way of healing itself.
It is your body and it’s important, in my opinion, to get to know what your body is saying to you.
As an example, my body experienced an ovarian cystectomy and endometriosis. Before I understood and befriended my body, I thought these were conditions as response to punishment from ‘God’ (whatever that meant at the time) for leaving home and having sex before marriage.
When I better understood my body, these were in fact an emotional response to being a female, the stigma of being a female born into Sikhism (at no point is this true of Sikhism, this was my personal understanding from my childhood); an unhealthy diet of too much sugar; and a lot of self-sabotage.
Wouldn’t it be great to know our body better and feed it and nurture not only with great food but also loving thoughts and feelings? Can you imagine how great you would feel from the inside out?
Let’s do this together and remember, sometimes, it just is.

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