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Power of Negative Thinking

The Power of Negative Thoughts

Thinking. We practice this art All the time. We meditate to have a break from this Art. We can spend many hours per week practising this Art. This Art can be positive or negative. What many have yet to realise is the powerful effect of this Art. Both positive and negative.

Let’s look at Both.

Negative thinking. These wonderful fractals of energy are like doorways to our future. They are the birthing of something new, a new moment, a new reality. Negative thoughts come swimming along faster than the speed of light to create a downward spiral of more negativity. Have you ever been in a situation where something negative has happened to you or around you and this brought up/created more negativity? Have you every experienced a situation with another person who may be feeling low and talks about their stuff which in return can leave you feeling low? How about the food you eat? Ever indulged in copious amount of sugary/junk foods and felt pretty negative afterwards? What about alcohol, does it lift you up for a while and then bring you right down, opening the heart to really express the hurts?

Yes? Of course. That is the Power of thinking. And does it make you feel good? No. Negativity breeds more negativity-if you let it.

Did you know, you have the Power over the thoughts you choose to think? They are your thoughts. No one comes along and deposits them into your mind -conscious or unconscious. You created them. Through your programming. Through your conditioning. Through your current situation or environment. And you have given them the power they have over you. These negative thoughts are as big as you make them. And, you have a choice whether you want to think them or not. You, have the power to change the direction of your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Yes you do.

I invite you to think of a negative thought right now. Do it. Got it? Was that an easy task? Now think of a positive thought. Got it? How easy was that? Wasn’t it easier to find a positive thought than a negative? Yes.
Now focus on that negative thought. How does it make you feel? Are you bouncing up and down with delight? No. Does it bring you joy? No.

Now focus on a positive thought. How does this thought make you feel? Does it uplift you and bring a smile to your face? Yes. Does it create a warm fuzzy feeling inside? Yes.

Which thought do you prefer, positive or negative? Positive, right?

Media promotes negativity and fear. How often do you hear of positive news stories? Rarely on the national and local media. So you ask, how can I stay positive during challenging times when there is so much going off in the world around?

Easily. Effortlessly. For free.

Here’s an exercise for you. Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for a few minutes. Ensure your phone is on silent. Sit/lie comfortably. Take a deep breath. Focus on this breath. Still your mind with the focus of this breath. As you breathe out release any tension, stress or anxiety from your body and mind. Repeat this for a few seconds and as you breathe in, imagine you’re breathing in Love.

Now, put your hand on your heart area and visualise a stream of Unconditional Love coming from your Source/God/Creator directly to your heart. Notice the gentleness of this Love. The purity of this Love. The abundance of this Love. Allow this Love to flow to every cell of your Being. Feel this Love pulsating through you. Hold this feeling. Claim it. You deserve it. Breathe.

Now send a stream of Love from your heart to your family and friends. Imagine them receiving this gift. Imagine them doing the same and sending a stream of love to their family and friends. Let this ripple continue to their family and friends and now to each continent and body of water. Now imagine this ripple of Love is being sent out to all of nature, the birds, bees, plants, trees, animals, mountains, rocks, crystals, marine life and beyond. Now imagine this tsunami of Love is enveloping the whole of our Mother Earth and she is graciously receiving it and glowing with a hue of pink golden light. Now send this ripple of Love out further into the Galaxy. Imagine all the Stars, the Sun, the Moon and Universe receiving this tsunami of Love. Then send the intention for this tsunami of Love to touch All of Life and beyond.

Feel yourself receiving this Love too. Feel it filling every atom, fibre, cell and beyond of your Being. How do you feel? Hold this feeling. Anchor it by pressing the thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand. Claim this feeling. Feel it pulsating through you. Smell what you smell. See what you see. Hear what you hear. Taste what you taste. Make it big. Make it colourful. Yes! You deserve this abundant Love. Now let go of that thumb and forefinger. Take in a deep breath. Repeat the exercise.

It is your personal responsibility to maintain a positive vibration for your own life. This in return will vibrate out and create a ripple effect through you to your family and friends. This will ripple out to their family and friends and before you know it, you will be joining many others in creating a tsunami of Love.

Being positive and joyful is one of the greatest Gifts you can freely give to others. Why give anything less?
Positivity is a choice.

Be positive. Be grateful. Be responsible. Now spread that deliciousness everywhere. Our Mother Earth needs it. So do her inhabitants.

Kam Birdee
Catalyst for Change


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