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What is your self worth?
Self-worth. Imagine how our lives would be if this was a subject taught at every education facility globally? People would be happier. Confident. Valued. Loved. Peaceful. Cherished. Accepted. Respected.
However, this has yet to fully evolve into our everyday lives.
We, our parents and our grandparents were born into the aftermath (and some during) 2 world wars and a few other wars too. Livelihoods were stripped to the bare minimum. Families torn apart. Death. Destruction. Devastation left for many to make any sense of or to even recognise who they were.
Foods were rationed. Houses lost. Identities stripped. Was it a wonder they lost their sense of self worth?
Yet it got worse. They were ‘lucky’ to have shelter. They were ‘lucky’ to have clothing. They were ‘lucky’ to have a job. The were ‘lucky’ to have a good meal everyday. They were ‘lucky’ they had a government who watched their back. They were ‘lucky’ to be alive. But under whose terms?
What were the wars about? How many people died? How many lived with trauma? How many felt a sense of self-worth as a result of mass destruction to All living Beings?
For years, the controlled manipulation used to springboard an ‘identity born out of poverty’, was programmed into living, looking and behaving a certain way. To feel socially accepted. To fit into a demographic . To conform. To do As They Are Told. Or else.
For many, childhood traumas lay unresolved lest they share the pain and suffering and become disowned for speaking the truth. What would happen if they spoke out?
Would they be shamed? Embarrassed? Humiliated? Mocked? Could their already burdened hearts take on any more sadness? No. So they kept quiet. Swallowing what little sense of self they had.
And what about relationships? How many people do you know are in or have been in, an unhealthy relationship with another, because they would rather be with anyone, than no one. Is this what people feel they are worth? They feel ‘lucky’ to be in a relationship with someone who is a narcissist, or someone who destroys the last ounce of ‘identity’ one has, so at least they can say they have someone.
Where did the self-worth go? Did it dilute so much over generations that people simply accepted the hand they were dealt as this is as good as it gets? Does our sense of material wealth dictate our self-worth? Is this how humanity has evolved over the billions of years it has been around? Really?
No. There is more than this.
There is hope. There is always hope. Hope in each other. Hope in humanity waking up and realising their magnificence to be Love. To shine their true Self and recognise the Divine GodSelf they truly are.
Does this ruffle your feathers or can you accept there is a GodSelf within each of Us?
Firstly, You are not your body. Your physical body is your vehicle to experience human life. You are a Divine and Perfect Being who has experienced many lives. You are a limitless Being. You truly are. Your soul continues to evolve. Your body dies. But your soul/spirit continues after physical death.
What limits you, are your programmed thoughts, fears, habits and beliefs. Your environment which surrounds you is a reflection of what you are attracting into your life. Your ego has a large part to play in your life’s dance. Your ego is not you. It is an aspect of your personality. Your ego will play games with you. What you believe you are worthy of will determine your level of self-worth.
Your trauma, pain and suffering is not you. You came to experience that stuff, but it is not you. That was your journey. However, if you choose these to ‘Be’ you, the sum total of who you think you are, then that is your choice.
I can hear some saying ‘well, it’s alright for you’ you didn’t experience the life I had. You’re right. I didn’t. But you didn’t experience the life I had either. We were All born with a brain. A very creative mind. And a purpose. We all have choices. If you dislike your life, do something about it.
How can you do that?
Connect with your heart. Listen to the wisdom within your heart. Stand in front of a mirror and look into the eyes of your soul. Notice the beauty of your true self. Step out into nature, see the flowers, birds and bees; you are made of the same energy.
We live in the 21st century. There is so much information freely available. There are healers, coaches, therapists who can help you raise your level of self-worth. I did.
You have a choice. Stop blaming your past or others for your life and start taking responsibility for it. Start creating the life you want to live. You have the power to do this. I believe in you. You are worthy of so much more. Be creative. Be expansive. Let’s give hope to our future generations by Being an example of the magnificent Beings We Truly Are.
It’s time to #BeTheChange.
What step will you take?

Kam Birdee
Catalyst for Change
Solar Eclipse/New Moon

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