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Separation v Unity

Separation v Unity
We All inhabit this glorious Mothership called Earth. We All breathe the same air. See the same Sun. Moon. Stars. We All share the same water, whether it’s to drink, wash or flush. We all pee and poo to eliminate waste from our bodies. We all need food and drink to sustain our bodies. We all need clothing to keep our bodies warm. We All have one commonality: We Are Human.
Yet, over time, we have become separated from this obvious fact. This actual reality. Human.
So what happened?
In what feels like ancient times, we used to belong to a tribe. We all lived in our communities and supported and watched over each other. We hunted together. We planted seeds together. We harvested together. We cooked together. We ate together. We played together. We learnt together. We Were One.
Some preferred a nomadic life, yet they still belonged to a tribe.
Arguably, there are still tribes in existence. They are often referred to as Indigenous Peoples.
However, as mankind has evolved it has become separate from its tribe. Religion was supposed to be about Unity or Community, yet in one religion, there are so many different sects. But they all pray to one God/Supreme Being. Why? Which tribe do each belong to? This created separation.
People have done their best to hold onto their identity. Their country of origin being their grass roots, their nationality, their sense of security, their sense of pride.
Racism has created more separation together with fear and hatred. War has divided many. With people fleeing what were their countries and livelihoods, seeking shelter on another’s land for survival. This has become a challenge to nationals who have felt threatened by immigrants /refugees. Frightened for their lives. Frightened of the unknown. What is it these people from other lands will do or take away? Is it that they look and dress another way? Is it because they eat different foods? Do they have a different God/Source?
Let’s get really clear about this. We All Belong on this Earth. Earth belongs to no one. We Are Humans first. Well actually, we Are All Spirit/ Energy/Light. A seed born out of a thought.
Separation is also created through wealth of one being greater or more worthy/deserving of another. This is evident in India where the Hindu caste system has the supreme untouchables and Bollywood actors at one side of the scale and the poorest of poor in poverty on the other. In England there is the upper class of Aristocracy and the lower, lower working class of grafters. The back bone of the Country.
Our countries are divided north and south, east and west, these are then divided by county, city and suburb. Where does anyone actually belong when their grass roots were born out of country in which they no longer live in? What is their true identity?
Human. Let’s come back to being Humans first and if we need to put labels on ourselves so we have an identity, we can place those badges on second.
As Humans we have a tremendous gift of being able to communicate with each other either through voice, music, art, food, dance or play. We are creative Beings. We can Unite through such activities and create a space where we All belong. There is no longer a need to fight for our identity through religion or status. Let us acknowledge We Are Human first and support and encourage each other as we each let go of the separation and bring together our hearts and Unite.
Let’s start with having compassion towards ourselves first and reconnect to our hearts wisdom. Let’s look to where, what or whom we have separated from and find a reconnection.
I invite you to close your beautiful eyes and connect to your breath. Then connect to your heart and listen to its voice and hear the message it has to share.
Ask it to reconnect you to your higher self and your guides. Then observe the joy of being the Magnificent Being you are. How do you feel? Look around you and notice how you are connected to everything and everyone through Light. Now do you belong?
Breathe. Sit in the joy of this realisation. Notice all the Beings you are connected to and see how we are all connected by the breath too.
One Breathe. One Heart. One Light. One Human. One Blue Planet.
In the space of separation, know your are fully connected to your tribe. You simply need to reconnect with the one Breath and know you are Human first.
Your brothers and sisters may come from another country, but you are All on One Planet together right now.
Find Unity in your heart and mind and it will appear in all other aspects of your life. Be the best Human you can be and share this gift for others to aspire to.
And remember your connection to the animals and nature too who also inhabit this planet. They are also connected through the One Light, the One Breath.
Be the best Human you can be. Everyday.

Kam Birdee
Catalyst for Change

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