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Shamanic/Energy Healing


Shamanic/Energy Healing

Shamanism has opened my awareness and understanding of energy and how everything that is life, is connected through a web of light.

My personal journey of discovery has led me along the Shamanic path to know every aspect of myself, heal the wounds inflicted during all my carnations, learn the lessons and bring back the teachings from past lives and ancestors to help others reconnect to their Source of power.

This journey has taken me to the deepest Amazonian rainforest to work with the Shamans and Elders who have carried these ancient healing methods through generations to help others awaken.

For centuries, medicine has originated from plant life and when we connect with nature, we are open to a plethora of knowledge and wisdom. The trees, plants, animals for as long as we know, work to the rhythm and cycle of Earth. Nature understands the cycles of the moon and the planets and the importance of Air, Earth, Fire and Water to its everyday life.  Living in harmony with nature, brings greater harmony to One Self.

What is Shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing is believed to be one of the oldest traditional healing methods, dating back thousands of years, linked to the indigenous people and practiced world-wide today. This energy-based therapy is deep-rooted in the belief that everything is energy, it has a thought-field and at times, work needs to be done to bring things back into balance and harmony.

The Shaman was an important part of tribal life – a medicine man/woman, often said to be able to connect with spirits and ‘journey’ to spirit realms with the help of their own spirit guides/allies. A Shaman is often someone who is aware of more than the physical world and sees beyond this.

Present-day Shamanism follows a similar pattern, with correctly trained shamanic practitioners working with power animals and spirit helpers to seek advice for the client.

Typically, the shamanic practitioner sees health issues as being connected to the loss of energy or power and will work to balance these issues, often seeking to return lost energy, remove negativity and return the client to wholeness. Sometimes the practitioner will bring back advice from the spirit realms or guidance for the client to aid them on their healing journey. The healing can include soul retrieval, journeying, cord cutting, chakra clearing and rebalance and etheric double healing.

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