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Surrender and Trust

The last few weeks have been incredibly challenging for many. The changes and shifts have felt like an enormous upheaval. At times its felt as the ground has been shaking beneath us so any debris pushed under the rug can come to the surface to be released and healed.
This has not been an easy task. Whilst we’ve been in the comforting warmth of winter, hibernating, resting and nurturing our bodies with nourishing foods and warm baths, the sudden shake-up has been intense to say the least.
Anger, unrest and injustices have been felt. The big I, has come out and protested against others. The desire to scream and bang our fists against the walls has been a common theme. Fear reared it’s ugly head.
‘This isn’t what we signed up to!’ Was shouted by many. A cave in the guise of a bed and duvet was sought by many.
Yet, when we Surrender and let go and of course Trust the process, these heavy and often negative emotions fall away.
I know this can be easier said then done at times.
We are born into a world which controls us in many ways. Media advertises what we ‘should’ eat at certain meal times. It decides what we should look like and how we dress, in comparison to our age, culture, creed, sexuality. It tells us what is socially acceptable and not and even tells us how we should live our lives.
At times, we have been alien to this subliminal control and over years, this has become the only way some people know how to be.
Is it any wonder why we sometimes cannot let go and trust. Simply Surrender to the how’s and simply Trust.
It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey on this Mothership called Earth, we are All, known or unknown, in it together. And when our vibration raises, we All feel the cry of the Collective Consciousness.
We have a choice. We can do our best to hold on tight to the way we think we should sail the boat on unchartered waters. We can be fearful and do our best to hang on in there, even though it makes us unhappy. Or, we can simply surrender in the knowing, All is Well. Humans have been on the planet for many, many, many years and have evolved and evolved over and over again. Do you really think Source, The Essence of Pure Unconditional Love, is going to suddenly say ‘sod it, I’m bored of these humans, let me simply screw their lives’? They’ve worked so hard so let me take it all away from them.
There is a Divine Plan.
May I invite you to remember how it is for a baby. It forms and grows in its Mothers womb. It is dark in there. It knows it will be sustained through its Mother. It know it is safe. It comes into the world often held by many strangers (birthing team). It knows it will have its needs met. Food. Drink. Shelter. Clothing. Air.
Along its journey, other beliefs kick in. Fears develop. But in its heart, it knows, All is Well.
Be like that child and Surrender and Trust. Have faith in your higher self and know you no longer need to control, simply let go.
Do it now.
Imagine you’re holding the reigns of a chariot and your directing the horses to go a certain way. Feel how tightly you are holding the reigns. The speed of the horses. The rigidity in your body. How does it feel for you?
Now simply loosen your grip on the reigns. Allow it to soften. Slow down. Remember to breathe. Take in the scenery. Allow the horses to guide you. They are magnificent Beings. They are quite capable of navigating you safely. How do you feel now?
Know that you will still get to your destination if you Surrender and Trust and it will be much more fun and rewarding as your higher self is a limitless Being. Have faith. Know All is Well. And so it is.

Kam Birdee
Catalyst for Change

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