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Winds of Change


Winds of Change

We are born into this world with an unconscious understanding of our soul purpose and I do believe, on a karmic level we choose to experience certain soul lessons to better understand ourselves and open our hearts to Love.


If our parents are not consciously aware of their Divine purpose on this magical Earth, then how can they guide and support our Divine purpose too?


With this in mind, we are bought into an arena where we follow the traditions, beliefs, programming and conditioning of our families, ancestors and society.


We are led to live a life, which by our parents values is the best they can offer based on the tools, knowledge and support they have also been given.


We as children, then spend much of our lives living an unconscious life of conformity, duality and control.  Our peers know no different. We know no different and if our hearts call tries to express its yearning to be the soul it came to be, we are dismissed for being out of line, for daring to question our elder’s values and way of life or for speaking our truth.


My parents did their best. They still do. They came over from India in the 1960’s to create a better life for themselves and their future generations, and to offer financial stability for their families back home in India.


Over the last 42 years, my life has experienced many twists and turns. From being a conforming Sikh girl, bought up traditionally with strict parenting, but with also a level of leniency when it came to clothing and certain social activities, to leaving home at 22, much to the horror of my family.


Yet, I still continued to march forwards as I knew there was more to experience than the typical life my family led, and also many Asian families.  The decision to leave home was after a bout of deep depression which left me questioning everything I was led to believe. I knew I could no longer live in that house, no matter how much I loved my family. The control, personalities and drama was suffocating.


The transition was quite tough, from telling my Mum and experiencing her venom and fear to telling my Dad and him driving me down to my new home and life in Worthing, Sussex. But I did it. Somewhere within me, I found the courage and strength to follow what unconsciously my soul was guiding me to do.


Of course, I then had to adapt to a completely new way of life, working as an Assistant Manager at a pub and restaurant and living in a room above it with all my worldly possessions. Change comes easily to me. For a day or two I feel unsettled, but soon after, I surrender and everything flows.


It was no walk in the park. It was tough. The team took a while to accept me as I was sent by Head Office, yet I was not a spy, I wanted to pursue a desire to learn more about the hospitality industry. There were times of great laughter and times where I wanted to pack my bags and leave, but where would I go? I had already left home and I didn’t want to go back.


I soon found another job in another city and from there on went from job to job, experiencing many different roles from catering to selling to advertising to writing.  I finally found myself in a career which would change my life completely.  My colleagues in the field of business development all had degrees or around 20 years’ experience in construction.  I armed with a desire to work hard, tenacity, dynamism, passion and determination found myself in a world of glitz and glamour together with a great deal of sexism.


I worked hard for my salary and felt I needed to prove myself to keep my job and fast car, always putting in the hours and doing more to justify my existence.  I knew no different. I am a grafter and I have integrity.

Yet eventually, all work and no play had an adverse effect on my health and wellbeing. As I said when I opened this blog, we are born with an unconscious understanding of our soul purpose. It is only when we become conscious of our soul purpose do we begin to take steps to live it.

Mine came after 4 weeks in hospital, major surgery, little support from my employers, followed by trauma and an awakening to what the fuck am have I been doing to myself? Why am I unhappy? Why am I still single?  There’s more to life than this and I am in my 30’s, working to live.

Therein began the opening of a lotus flower. My soul wanted to express itself.  A journey of 10 years of deep, deep healing and transformation began as I went on course after course, trained, healed and learnt new therapies spending most weekends reading, remembering and losing myself to esoteric wisdom. My life was unfolding and I now had a purpose to live, rather than exist.

I knew I was to help people become happier, aware and conscious of their life purpose, but I didn’t know how I was going to deliver this. My construction career continued and I found my own personal development helped me find balance in this arena, despite my employers not enjoying my new found freedom and expression of truth.  I was no longer a robot functioning in a society which liked to control. I was flowing like the wind, questioning people’s values, questioning the world we were born into.

The conversations of energy, guides, spirit and consciousness was soon falling on deaf ears and needless to say family, friends and colleagues came and went as I grew further into myself.  I found it very important to step away from people who tried to drag me back to the old Kam as that was no longer my reality.

After a few years of seeing clients and helping them along their path, I recently gained absolute clarity on where my soul was guiding me.  Of course, there was resistance in the unfolding as I wanted to help as many people as possible.

Yet my soul was telling me very clearly, I was a Leader of my own Tribe. I am to empower and inspire Asian women to drop their baggage and conditioning and live a more conscious and loving life.  I am also here to eradicate poverty.

It is time to step up and be seen. No more hiding in the shadows, forget the comfort zone, people are waiting for guidance and to heal to become their true selves and find peace and harmony within. I guess in a way, it was big ask and all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle needed to fall into place before I could arrive at this point. Divine Timing, some would say.

So here I am Transformational Goddess.10 years on and living a loving life from my heart.

I look forward to being of service to you.

Abundant love and blessings


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