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Work and Play

Work and Play
Life, is a playground, and as children we play heartily. We are free. We can play to our hearts content and create all sorts of games with our vivid imagination. We spend time with our friends and family and share stories and laugh and giggle often. We pick wild flowers, listen to bird song, and make the time to have fun in whichever guise it suits us. We are innocent and free.
However, over the years, we begin to ‘grow up’ and in this growing up, we take on more responsibilities. We carry out our share of chores in our family home. We have homework. We grow older and begin to ‘work’ for a living and soon enough, ‘play time’ becomes a luxury.
We live in a plug and play world where technology is at hand 24/7 and therefore, without the right boundaries, we can become a slave to it.
At work, we have lunch breaks and during these breaks, what do we do? We’re catching up with social media. On the bus/train/walk to and from work/college/university we’re on our smart phones. We are constantly engaged with technology. Often, not even realising it.
Our working lives are much more demanding with many people stressed and under extreme pressure to meet deadlines. And sometimes the deadlines come at cost to our health and wellbeing. Family commitments cannot be met. Relationships fall apart or away and we end up being married to our work.
And it’s not just work. Being a parent is a full-time role too, where you are the centre of your childs/children’s Universe as they are too young to meet their own needs. When your child naps/sleeps you’re busy catching up with chores or preparing the evening meal. The same goes for people who are full time Carers for family. They are on 24/7 demand too.
Is this what Life looks like in the 21st century? Have we become slaves to being able to ‘survive’?
What happened to ‘play’ time? Is technology the new ‘play’ time or have we simply forgotten in our incredibly busy lives what ‘playing’ actually is.
Over a period of time we begin to feel unhappy.
Something is out of balance.
Have we become so caught up in our every day activities that we have forgotten the innocent inner child within who wants to play?
Were you so busy that you faded out that tiny whisper from deep within, as it popped up to say hello?
And what is your idea of play? Was it such a long time ago when you last played? When you lost yourself in playtime and had fun.
When was the last time you did something to honour your inner child? Do you remember what it feels like to be swinging freely in a swing? Do you remember running around a roundabout and climbing on it when it gained enough momentum? Maybe your idea of playing is having a colouring book and colouring pictures. Maybe it’s baking. Maybe it’s painting. Maybe it’s going for a walk in the park, the woods or by the sea. Maybe it’s playing pooh sticks across a stream. Maybe it’s playing a sport. Maybe it’s making castles in the sand.
Whatever it is or maybe, I invite you to go and play. Your inner child is crying for playtime and your 1-1 attention. You will enjoy it. It doesn’t matter what others think. They are not you and know nothing about you. This is your life. Reward yourself. Go play and have fun. Lighten up and gift yourself this experience.
Work will always be there, as will your daily chores, however it’s important to take time away from both.
Your inner child is calling. Set yourself free. Go live. A lot.
What will you play today?

Kam Birdee
Catalyst for Change

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