Kam is one of the most sincere and well-qualified people that I know who actually cares about the client more than anything else. She takes you from issue to completion in the time that’s appropriate for your situation.


Kam has extraordinarily intuitive abilities which help guide which therapy is best for you. Give her a ring, you’ll not regret it.


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About Kam

Hello, I am Kam Birdee-Wright, and I love being alive and celebrating how precious, abundant, creative and fun Life on Earth is.

I love how deeply connected we are to all of life here and in the Universe and how, when we are in alignment with our soul, we can co-create a rich and authentic life for ourselves, and those around us.


I love how when we see life through a new perspective, we can live and work together harmoniously and enrich the lives of our future generations.

I act as a Catalyst for Change to help people drop their cultural conditioning, programming, limiting beliefs, and negative patterns which keep them stuck in the past and in unhealthy patterns. 

By working in a non-judgemental and compassionate way, I  support people resolve deep wounds, ancestral karma, trauma and childhood suffering, whilst maintaining a safe space to allow their soul's voice to be heard, 

I am motivated, inspiring, empowering, grounded and empathic in my approach and support each client in their own unique way.

Why choose Kam?

As a Realignment Coach, Mentor, Author and Intuitive Energy Healer, I utilise an expanded toolbox of many different therapies, tools and techniques to support my clients realign to the Infinite Intelligence, which supports them on a Quantum level and opens up a field of possibilities, beyond the perception and limitations of the mind and physical body.

I am an expert in getting to the root cause of the problem, and have a ‘can do’ attitude to get you into alignment.

In 2005, a trauma knocked me sideways, I had to revisit my past, to heal and transform the cultural conditioning, programming, and negative beliefs I had adopted from my loving, yet unconscious family.

I experienced a deep and profound spiritual awakening, which not only healed the trauma, but allowed me qualify and train in a number of alternative therapies,  to uncover my Authentic Self and share my unique Gifts  with people like You.

I continue my training and development and gain new skills, tools and insights to help my clients realign quickly.

My mission in life is to help at least 1,000,000 people live a happier and joyful life they love.

Disclaimer: Her clients experience great results and joy from the work they do together, however, please note, she is not a medical practitioner and clients are advised the work they do, does not replace medical attention.


Are you ready to transform your life?

Does your brown baggage hold you back?

Do the expectations of your family hold you back from being you?

Does the emotional blackmail, i.e. guilt, shame, churn you up inside?

Are you striving to be the perfect Asian Man/Woman to fit in to society?

Are you fed up of carrying the cultural brown baggage around with you?


Would you agree that most people do not understand the challenges you have to face every day, by being a child of Asian immigrants?




I do.

I hear you. I see you. I get where you’re coming from.

Over the past few years, I have been working with many Asian people to help them drop their brown baggage and realign themselves to their true and Authentic Selves. I utilise a range of different modalities to get to the root cause of your issues, to help you gain the freedom, inner peace and clarity, to live your life in harmony.

You may have been raised by immigrant parents who left the sanctuary of their villages, in search of a better life for their children the world has been a challenging place for many those who were raised in the west.

However, as your parents did their best to fit into the western way, to nurture, nourish and raise you the best they could. Yet consciously or unconsciously, they still carried the negative mindset, limiting beliefs, fears, oppression and cultural conditioning which they were raised with. It was never their fault. Nor was it yours.

Consciously or unconsciously, your parents’ beliefs, became yours, and these were embedded into your reality and unbeknownst to you, you became enslaved by these beliefs to live a life of expectations, through a patriarchal system of suppression, oppression, limitation, fear and cultural assumptions.

Attempting to balance your dual life to please your families expectations and attempt to create a reality outside of this, may have created conflict. 

Whilst you may have loved your faith/religion, you may not have loved the negative and oppressive aspects of our culture.

You may be too frightened to step outside of the status quo, or question the truth or beliefs of your peers. You may feel trapped by their expectations which to them is their tradition, their norm, their reality.

The fear of what other people may say; rejection or being disowned by your family should you choose to follow their own path, may still hold you back. 

You may be longing to let go of the chains bound through blood, so you can be free and know yourself.

But you are here, as a Child of the Universe, born to bring your unique blueprint into the world and create a new reality for yourself and your future generations.

This new reality may require you to clear the ancestral and karmic wounds of your Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents and the generations before them.

You no longer need to carry these wounds into your future, and by choosing to heal your past and present you can begin to restore peace.

Underneath your brown baggage, your creed, your gender, you are Human. 

I get how challenging it must be to find balance within, when you are expected to be a certain way, lest you are judged and ostricised for choosing to be yourself.

It's tough to keep everyone else happy, whilst being unhappy yourself. 

But you don't have to. All you need to do, is change. It all starts wth you. And the rest takes care of itself.

Are you ready to change?

Are you ready to drop your brown baggage to recreate a life  you Love?

Are you reay to transform your life and create a new reality, based on your own unique and authentic truth?

Connect with me.

Contact me for a bespoke package tailor made around your personal needs

Born in England, Still An Indian.

Kavita blamed her childhood for lot of things in her life. As she did herself. It was traumatic and painful. She was incredibly naïve and timid. Her mental health was not taken seriously, despite taking a few too many anti-depressants to quieten the torturous thoughts in her head. Something had to change. She took a risk and found herself in a world where she felt more alone than ever.


With her family 300 miles away, she had to bite the bullet and carry on. She fought to fit in. She fought to be what society expected her to be. She fought to be herself. But she didn’t win. She was lost. She was scared. She was carrying the burden of her past. She couldn’t hide any more. Something had to give. Life took her on a series of rollercoaster rides as she encountered the demons from childhood.


Who am I? Where am I? Why can’t I fit into this world? Will I ever be loved?  She lived a dual life. Outwardly, she was a confident, strong, British and resilient, inwardly, she was a frightened subservient Indian girl, alone, unworthy and feared God. Her cultural conditioning created conflict within her heart. How could she be who she was meant to be, if she didn’t know who she was?


Part one of Kavita’s journey leads the reader on a path of uncertainty and courage. This is a story of a young woman who had to lose herself to find herself again. She opens pandora's to discover why she came to earth, and the roads which lead her to make mistakes and learn painful lessons. Fuelled by childhood trauma and sheer determination to fulfil her destiny, Kavita’s struggles and successes take many twists and turns as she fights for freedom from her past.




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